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Buyer Ambassadors was forged by Sydney Buyer's Agent, Kimberley Ackerman who has been buying and selling properties since 2011. With over a decade of transactions both personally and professionally in the Australian property market combined with an impressive long-standing presence in the construction industry, she prides herself on sharing the exact same strategies she used for her own purchase with all her property buyer clients.

Kim grew up in the Eastern Suburbs, but has lived all over Sydney where she is entirely devoted to assisting buyers to capitalise on the abundant opportunities whether you are an investor or a homebuyer. ​Her background in construction and renovating her own investment properties over the years helps give her clients a significant edge that they rarely get anywhere else. 

Kim's biggest point of difference is her attention to detail and her willingness to undertake the service to such a high standard and incredibly high calibre - leaving her clients feeling completely fulfilled and looked after during the process - both professionally and ethically.

As demonstrated through Kim's podcast, The Property Buyble, her knowledge extends far beyond the role of the Buyer's Agent and this is an immense advantage for any of her clients requiring a buffer of guidance through their buying journey, which enables her to bring the client's team of property professionals together and provide a streamlined process.

Kimberley Ackerman Buyers Agent

Kim is a huge advocate for property education. She has dedicated herself to studying and learning all the subtle details of the art of buying and investing. Her own personal experiences with property investment over the years have allowed her to develop an unmatched understanding of what a buyer needs and how to meet those needs in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. Her Podcast "The Property Buyble" and online buyer education program "I Want to Buy a Home... Now What?" are just a few of the ways she promotes buyer learning and this strongly echoes through the experiences with her clients.

"With daily, weekly and monthly habits in place, the processes have become so water tight that we experience a minimal margin of error and can provide consistent work on behalf of our clients to obtain the best possible results. This is proven through our outcomes and the immense satisfaction of our clients and their feedback."

- Kimberley Ackerman

Buyer Ambassadors is a proud member of the Real Estate Institute of NSW (REINSW) and the Property Investment Professionals of Australia and continues to be on the front foot of industry changes and the Australian property market.

PIPA Property Investment Professionals of Australia
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