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Property buyers usually have a few questions about the buyer's agent service but aren't quite ready to have a Strategy Call. For all the regular stuff that comes up in our Strategy Calls, the following list has been created to give some insight to the questions that might be on your mind.

What does it cost to hire a Buyer's Agent?

Most buyer's agent charge a small percentage of the overall purchase price. Industry fees range between 1.5-2.5% and there is usually an upfront retainer between $3k-$10k (that comes off that final percentage). Fees can also vary based on the complexity of the requirements. A complimentary Strategy Call with us can help clarify this further and give you a more specific fee structure based off your needs.

What if I only want off-markets?

Our service includes both on and off-market properties. Unfortunately "only off-markets" can get a bit complicated sometimes. Reason being is that some off-markets can become on-markets and some on-markets can also become off-markets so it makes it hard to draw the line somewhere. There are some good and bad off markets and there is nothing wrong with on-market options! We just need to adjust our strategy when it comes to negotiations and going in for the kill - regardless of the campaign type.

Is there a particular quota of properties I'm shown?

There is no maximum amount of properties presented to you during the service. The final number can vary per brief. We keep looking until we have found the right one, however if 3-4 months have gone by and something isn't working, we may have to recalibrate and check-in with you to make sure we are on the same page and are working with the right instructions.

Can I keep looking for property and what if I find something first?

Most clients that start working with us are so used to doing the property search that its hard to hand over the baton right away. I think the most important to recognise that we want to work as a team and don't want to feel as though we are working against each other in this process. Our Agency Agreements are exclusive, however, meaning that during engagement the fees are payable regardless. The clients that we work with though, do realise after the first week that they do not have to lift a finger and everything will be taken care of. We gain access to properties sometimes 4-6wks before hitting the market so it is unlikely that you will come across something we havent't seen. 

How long is the Agency Agreement with Buyer Ambassadors?

Our Agency Agreements provide an average term of 12 months so that buyer's do not feel rushed through the process. Although, most properties are found within the 2-6wks of engagement. 

Do you ever look after multiple regions for the same brief?

Sure do! Some buyer's aren't 100% sure where they want to buy, so although we help fine tune that as much as possible, in some cases we are sourcing across multiple regions e.g. Eastern Suburbs & Inner West. One of the benefits of Buyer Ambassadors is that we do cover multiple regions so can be versatile for our Clients and their needs.

I'm not sure if what I'm looking for is achievable. Can you help me with that?

Yep! The Consultation will give us all the information we need to assess your brief. It's at that point we're able to let you know if your budget, requirements and the market are aligned or if we need to help you tweak anything to make things fit! There is no cost to the Consultation - just a time commitment of approx. 1hr.

How long does the buying process take?

The overall buying process can vary in time depending on how complex the buying requirements are and a few other factors. On average, Buyer Ambassadors take between 2-6wks to find and exchange on the RIGHT property for clients, without them feeling rushed. In saying that, it could take only a few days (or sometimes longer than 6wks)!

What if you don't find a property or my circumstances change?

Once a brief is established and we determine it's achievability in the market, we will find you a property. HOWEVER, sometimes people's circumstances change which means that they can no longer move forward on a property purchase. If we are in the middle of a search and you decide to cancel the agreement, the retainer is absorbed for the works conducted up until that point and no remaining fees are due.

I'm not in a rush, will I feel pressured to choose a property?

Absolutely not! Most buyers come to us because they are truly ready to purchase a property. The start of this process is very detailed which is when we discuss your motivations to buy the property and all of your requirements. We want to be scrutinising these properties just as much as you would! So if you don't feel an option is right, there is a good chance we won't either. In saying that, sometimes we can tick all boxes and the property still doesn't feel like home. We totally get that and will never make you feel rushed or pressured. Ask any of our past clients!

Isn't a percentage fee structure a conflict of interest?

This is something that comes up regularly and is certainly a consideration. It is for that reason that our percentage fees work in the opposite way to the industry fee structure! We also offer fixed fees (relevant to your purchase). All of this is explained in the Strategy Call and Consultation before any commitment or engagement takes place.

What if I change my mind and want to change my property requirements?

It's safe to say that most property briefs we commence are amended in some way or another during the term of the agreement. As long as the requirements are still achievable and we aren't doing a complete reset on the search, Buyer Ambassadors are open to considering any change of heart you may have on your requirements. We recognise this happens sometimes.

What do you do when there are two Client's wanting the same thing?

Very simple - we do not take on conflicting briefs at the same time. If an active client has the same brief as someone we are in discussions with, we will be very upfront and not proceed with an engagement until we have bought for the initial Client. Reason being is that it can be very messy when finding options suitable for various people.

I'm buying from outside of Sydney. Do you have experience with that sort of thing?

Absolutely. We've serviced many clients from outside of Sydney (even outside of the country)! This takes a lot of extra consideration towards very clear communication, photos/videos and clarity on expectations. Buying for clients who are buying "site unseen" in most cases, is what we do best! Our high level of detail and clear communication (as well as ability to have phone calls at all hours of the night and day), mean a seamless process - no matter where your are!

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