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What makes us different?

This is a regular question asked by Buyers in the market. Every Buyer's Agent has their niche and their differences and it's important to choose someone you're comfortable with and provides the service right for you. See below for an understanding of our differences.

Methodical & Detailed

Buyer Ambassadors has a grounded understanding and appreciation for simplifying the buying journey for their clients. It is for this reason that they take a well versed methodical approach to the buying journey with every step very clear and very specific to the client's requirements and experience levels. From the first phone call, the approach to a high level of detail is a mandatory (and highly expected requirement) and this will continue on throughout the entire buying process.

Holistic Approach

Buyer Ambassadors recognises that the journey of buying a property can be quite an emotional and psychological one - especially when it comes to buying a home. When Buyer Ambassadors is in charge of taking you through the buying process, all elements of guidance are taken into consideration - including patience and understanding! We try to take the stress out of the buying process and make it a little fun if we can.

Comprehensive Due Diligence

We go so far beyond coordinating a Building & Pest Report or Contract review. Buyer Ambassador's has a long list of due diligence items to cover during this part of the buying phase and will create a custom report designed specifically for the important items of research relating to the area and type of property in question. This can include everything from flight paths, development applications, infrastructure changes, tunnel/highway information etc.

Over the Top Service

The Buyer Ambassadors way is to provide a service so over the top that Client's feel they don't have to lift a finger. No one truly understands this until the process begins! From researching pre-schools to doing research on the local shops, there is no task too big or small during the buying process and if it assists Buyers to make a decision on a property purchase, then we will help anyway we can!

Water-Tight Processes

After several years of helping clients purchase property, Kimberley Ackerman realised that there was a better way to buy and decided to re-engineer the property buying process without the "stab in the dark" approach. It is for that reason, Buyer Ambassador's internal processes have been meticulously created to capture all opportunities possible in the most efficient and methodical way possible.

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