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Buyer Education

Buyer Ambassadors believes in property buyers always having the right tools and knowledge in order to make their most informed decisions. It is for that reason, we are big on buyer education in all forms!

If you engage our buyers agent services, we will absolute teach you anything along the way that you are curious to learn more about, however, sometimes the buyers agent service is not the right fit for everyone!


We speak to a lot of buyers who prefer to carry out the purchasing process themselves but are just unsure where to start. It is for that reason, we provide multiple other forms of independent buyer education to help people with their journey.

Click below to learn more about property buying, investing and everything in between! 


The Property Buyble
The Property Buyble - Buyers Agent Podcast

The Property Buyble is a podcast and show which provides an incite to the fundamentals of buying and investing in property as well as out of the box ideas and topics relevant to today's market conditions.

Bringing you professional guests that are experts in their fields, we hope that these episodes provide information that is both useful and fascinating towards your property journey.​

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This online program is for home buyers looking for guidance through each and every step of the buying process. 

Presented by Professional Property Buyers Kimberley Ackerman and Jeremy Bedwani, this program provides nine (9) episodes of information designed to give you an advantage in a competitive market.

Guiding you from the day you start saving your deposit, through to the day you collect your new keys, I Want to Buy a Home... Now What? is your complete blueprint for the home buying process.

Kim Ackerman Buyers Agent
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