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Service Types

At Buyer Ambassadors, we believe there is no "one size fits all". It's for that reason that we provide different options for Clients to mix and match their service needs.


Are you looking at buying your next home? We recognise at Buyer Ambassadors that home purchases are highly personal and the process can often be an emotional one! We offer multiple different services and price structures for our home buyers - not everyone wants help with the same thing! Click here for more information.


Investment property purchases take a lot of research, data analytics and knowledge of the various markets. We find these briefs are more of the 'head" than the "heart". Buyer Ambassadors provides a very strategic process for our investors inclusive of a thorough Property Portfolio Plan, and assessment of the Australian market as a whole.

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All properties are investments at the end of the day - whether homes or not. What if you're looking for a property that is going to be an investment for now and become a home later - or the other way around... We call these "Hybrid Briefs". If a property is going to become a home at some stage, there is a good chance that your personal lifestyle preferences (or areas) are going to take precedence over the investment data. It is for that reason, we consider these property purchases closer to our Home Buyer briefs. Click here for more information.

Don't worry, we still provide all the necessary investment data required. We will customise your property brief and requirements to suit!


Are you looking for a duplex or townhouse site? Perhaps some vacant land to build a new house on... Get it touch with our team to learn about the ways in which we customise our processes to suit your requirements. We do the search - you focus on the development.

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