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So you're looking for your next home? Buyer Ambassadors understands the frustration with purchasing a home in the Sydney property market. Stakes are high, guides are low and hope is often met with confusion after an opportunity is lost and you're back at square one.

The good news is, we are professionals at providing solutions to these problems and overcoming the issues you are facing in this competitive property market.

  • Do you want access to additional "off-market" property stock?

  • Do you need a hand with understanding what these properties are really worth so that you don't overpay?

  • Do you want help with extensive due diligence to make sure you aren't buying a lemon?

  • Do you need help with strategizing an offer and essentially getting something over the line before an auction at a reasonable price?

  • Do you need someone to project manage this process and take the stress of of buying so that you can focus on your day to day life?

Majority of people we speak to are very skeptical about Buyers Agents - which is so normal if you aren't familiar with the process - or have heard horror stories of a bad service. Perhaps our Google Reviews may assist with some reassurance - click here.

We have bought homes all over Sydney, however the areas we commonly service for home buyers are:

  • Inner West - Sydney, NSW

  • Eastern Suburbs - Sydney, NSW

  • North Shore - Sydney, NSW

If you are needing help elsewhere, please let us know and we'll do our best to suit.

What next? We need to have a chat to see how we can help and go from there. Before any hard decisions are made, its important we ensure that our service is going to provide value to anything you are currently doing.

Book in a Strategy Call with our Principal Buyers Agent, Kim Ackerman. 20-30mins at no cost with plenty of free advice seems like a fair deal if you ask us!


Off-market Access

Not finding enough options on and Domain?

Good news is that our team source for our clients 6-7 days a week to ensure anything out there that suits your requirements is brought to your attention. 

Project Management

If you've been in the property market for a while, you may agree that after a while it feels like a part-time job!

We have the systems, processes and time to not only carry out this search efficiently and accurately but also in a timely manner - securing the right home for our clients in an average timeframe of 2-6wks from engagement!

Don't overpay!

Are you noticing that the price guides are worlds apart from the final sold prices? As we go through the buying process with you, we will not only let you know which of those properties are above budget, but we will provide specific information on the market value of these properties so that our offer strategy and negotiations are not only calculated but also clear.

One on One

Imagine having a personal property shopper that is not only consistently in touch with you but is also at every inspection, coordinates every little task throughout the process and is a professional property expert with contacts in the industry. This is what you will get with our service.

Extensive Due Diligence

We not only coordinate the standard third party reports (building/pest/strata) and the review of the contract with your conveyancer, we have custom reports that are produced specific to the areas we buy in, these includes items such as flight paths, underground tunnels, development applications and so much more!

Calculated Steps

We are very big on processes here at Buyer Ambassadors. That means, accurate and methodical advice and facts every step of the way. Every step throughout the buying process is carefully explained and curated to suit your level of knowledge, expertise and comfort levels!

Book in a Strategy Call

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